Stop the Bleeding. Save A Life.

About Us

A death. A grieving community. A life saving kit.

We worked in partnership alongside a community that was deeply impacted and grieving when a member of their community tragically passed away as a result of severe external  blood loss.

After being asked to create a package that would contain all the essential equipment needed to control a catastrophic bleed before emergency services arrive, it quickly became apparent how important it was to understand the use of it.

We noticed that there was an obvious and unaddressed need for regular members of the public to learn bleed control at the same level of importance as we learn first aid.

To aid in this mission, we decided it was crucial that we offer a complimentary package of both training and equipment if we were to seriously intervene to stop the bleed and save lives.  

Together, BlueKit Medical and Salvas Training Services  are proud and passionate to present a carefully considered Bleed Control Kit and Zero Responder Bleed Control Skills Training Workshop, preparing you with the essential training and equipment to identify and control a catastrophic life threatening bleed and save lives.

Are you ready to become a #ZeroResponder?

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Man standing whilst holding a Red box containing a Bleed Control Kit
Stop the Bleeding. Save A Life.

Our Team

Rebecca Porter

Rebecca Porter is Managing Director of BlueKit Medical, a family run business which grew from an idea in 2012. The company, which was founded by her father Rajendra, then a hospital theatre manager, was born from an idea of improving the simple surgical procedure tray. The result was a much improved and dependable procedure tray with quality products that performed reliably. From there the business has steadily grown into the company it is today improving the existing models of many surgical supplies.

With years of hard work, Rebecca is now a trusted supplier of surgical procedure packs and instrument kits across the UK.

This meant that Rebecca’s expertise was the perfect match to Michael's vision to create a new 'Bleed Control Kit' that would contain all the elements needed to stem the loss of blood in many a critical situation before the emergency services arrive on the scene.

Michael Greville

Michael Greville is a leading Violence reduction and Trauma first aid practitioner and an advocate for Zero Responders, public-facing individuals who are crucial to saving lives in the immediate aftermath of an accident, terrorist attack, or hostile criminal attack involving life threatening blood loss.

As a founder of SALVAS TRAINING  he has been involved for over 30 years in providing training in Workplace Violence reduction and Trauma first-aid training to a range of people and organisations working in the public, private and voluntary sectors in the UK and Europe.

He was the  instrumental mind behind the Run Hide Survive™ approach to surviving a Terrorist attack or Hostile event and was a Commended Finalist in the inaugural UK Counter Terror Business Awards in 2018.

Michael's expertise lies in providing effective Trauma first aid and Bleed control skills training for the people who find themselves in the front line trying to keep badly injured people alive before the Ambulance arrives.